Adult Content Blocker

Protect Your Kids with Earmuffs

Your kids are only a couple clicks away from a very awkward conversation that neither of your may be ready for yet. Protect them with Earmuffs!!

Earmuffs it's an adult content blocker designed to protect kids on the Internet. Once installed, it prevents them from accessing adult content using iOS9s new content blocking ability.

Works Seamlessly with Safari

Earmuffs works seamlessly with Safari's content blocking advancements in iOS9. A database of sites, phrases and words are evaluated before Safari loads a webpage. If the site matches the database, Safari will block the site from loading.


Every family is different and only they can decide what content is appropriate for their household. You can customize Earmuffs to match your family's values through the use of a whitelist and blacklist, putting parents completely in control of what their children see online. Easily add sites to your custom lists while browsing using Safari extensions.

Advanced Settings

Many social media sites allow adult content. Using advanced settings parents can decide which social media sites can be accessed through Safari. Please note that access to these sites is only restricted through the Safari browser. They will still be accessible through dedicated applications. If your intent is to completely restrict access to these sites, consider removing the apps.